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4 technical tips on using Client Book CRM
author , May 27th, 2014

While we make every reasonable effort to make  the CRM as fast and smooth as possible, their are factors on the user side that come into play. Today I would like to offer a few tips on what you can do to ensure that the CRM is working as smooth as possible.

1. Browser

Always make sure your browser is up to date. We recommend that you use Google Chrome if you are on Windows, Linux, or Android. For Mac or iOS users, we recommend Safari. While we strive to ensure that our software will work on Firefox and Internet Explorer, we don’t recommend them due to performance reasons.

2. Internet Speed

Internet speed is another critical factor is how smooth the CRM works. If you find that the CRM loads slow on your internet connection, it might be time to look into your options and upgrade your connection or change providers.

3. A slow computer

Using a slower computer is also a critical factor in the performance of the CRM. If your computer is running slow, then it might be time to upgrade your computer or buy a new one. If you’re tech savvy or know someone who is, a simple processor and RAM upgrade is sometimes all you need and can be pretty inexpensive. This could also just mean that your computer needs some general maintenance. If that is the case, consult an IT expert on cleaning up your system.

4. Press a button once and wait

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen users make is that they press a button and they keep pressing the button. Often this is because they want to make sure the button was pressed. While we try to eliminate this issue on the software side, it is still a good practice to press a button a wait a few seconds before pressing the button again. We find that this will often dramatically increase the smooth feel of the CRM.

We hope you find these tips useful the next time you use Client Book CRM. We are always grateful for the feedback that our users provide. If you ever have any feedback, feel free to contact us.

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