V2.2.0 – Accountability reporting, module settings, & more
author , March 29th, 2016

We’ve updated Client Book CRM to version 2.2.0. We’ve been very busy lately working on a number of minor updates, here’s what 2.2.0 includes:


Redesigned and simplified accountability reporting

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We’ve simplified the accountability reporting from 4 separate pages to one “Accountability Reports” page with 5 tabs. The first 4 tabs are the original 4 pages, with the addition of a new “combined” tab. The combined tab is a summary of the other 4 reports.

This report sorts users by store, then alphabetically by the user’s name. You are also able to download this report as a PDF, Excel spreadsheet, and CSV file.


New module control settings

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We’ve added 5 more module control settings.

  1. Manager Interests – Control whether your managers are able to manage customer interests.
  2. Add/Edit Email Templates – Control whether your managers are able to manage email templates.
  3. Employee/Manager Edit Email Signatures – Control whether employees are able to edit their own email signatures and whether managers can edit their own or signatures of their employees.
  4. Unlock email templates by interest (enabled by default) – When this module setting is disabled, your employees will only be able to use email templates for the customer interests they’ve selected for when creating email campaign. Essentially locking what templates they can use to customer interests. (see below for more on email template interests)
  5. Display all vendors (enabled by default) – When this module setting is disabled, only vendors currently attached to a purchase, special order, ect. will be viewable by employees and managers.


Email Template Interests

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We have added the ability to attach customer interest to email templates. This feature is only available when the “Unlock email templates by interest” module setting is disabled. This allows management to lock which email templates employees can use in an email campaign by which customer interests they’ve selected when creating that email campaign.


Unsubscribe Import


Owner/admin users are now able to import their lists of unsubscribed email addresses and export their Client Book CRM’s unsubscribed email address list to CSV. This will allow you to easily import/export your unsubscribe lists to and from Client Book CRM. This feature is another important step in helping users maintain CAN-SPAM compliance.


Other notable change and fixes:

  1. Corrected weekly sales report generation
  2. Fixed bug that prevented names from displaying correctly on home calendar and tabs
  3. Updated API to support the handling of unsubscribes
  4. Fixed bug that prevented store deletion
  5. Fixed bug that prevented item description from carrying over when a wish list item is purchased


As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out via a support ticket, give us a call, or email us at support@clientbookcrm.com.


Happy Selling!

Jacob Ralph

Partner and CTO


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